Staff Programme – September 2019

09.09.2019 MondayA seminar was conducted by Mrs.Kamali, Compartment IV on the topic “Crafting is a good Waste Management” .
10.09.2019 TuesdayA demonstration class was conducted by Mr.S.Ravi, AS, Dept. of Physical Science , Compartment I on the topic “Fun in Physics”.
17.09.2019 TuesdayA session on Phonetics was conducted by Mrs.Bharathi and Mrs. Kavitha Prasanna for the Primary teachers.
18.09.2019 TuesdayA seminar on the topic, “Why is Meditation Necessary?” was conducted by Mrs.Chandra, Dept. of Physical Education.
19.09.2019 ThursdayA session on calligraphy was conducted by Mrs.Cecilia Mary for the Primary teachers.
20.09.2019 FridaySeminar on Road Safety was conducted by Uyir. Mrs.Manjula, Mrs.Nallini, Mrs.Vanaja,Mrs.Saritha attended the seminar at PSGR Krishnammal College for Women.