Extra Curriculum Activities


The School provides opportunities for children to develop their talents through Co-Curricular activities. Children at all levels are given responsibilities and training in value-based and result-oriented leadership. Each pupil from Std VI and above should choose one activity and it is compulsory.

Scouts NCC Air Wing ( Flying Branch) ECO Club
Creative Club English Literary Association Health Club
Philately UNESCO Club Tamil Literary Association GK & Quiz Club
Library / Readers Club School Parliament Table Tennis Club
Journalism Club Guides Club Road Safety Patrol
Junior Red Cross Society Maths Club Band Club
Photography Club Cuisine Club Table Tennis Club
Science Club Dance Club Music Club
Drawing Club Commerce Club Computer & Documentary Club
Technovision Club Astronomy Club UNESCO Club
Debate Club Yoga Club Hockey Club
Ball Badminton Club Football Club Volley Ball Club
Basket ball Club    

These Activities are conducted on Saturdays

Philately Club
Philately is the art of stamp collecting and rightly called the King of hobbies.
It is a rewarding pastime. One can collect stamps according to one’s interests like sports, wildlife, flower, etc.
Through the stamps, we can learn about different countries and people who live there and in their process, we can make few friends.

Aim: As UNESCO stand for United Nations Educational Social and Cultural Organization the main aim of this club is to develop the children in all aspects. It gives education for cultural development, protection of the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

Some of the activities

1. Quiz of various subjects ( Science, Politics, Current Affairs )

2. Speech on various headings like

  1. The spread of nuclear weapons and terrorism
  2. Scientific development

3. The role of students in peacekeeping.

ECO Club
“Environment and Wildlife Protection”

The population explosion and pro-life rating hazardous development became a danger to all living beings.
By the end of the next decade, we may not see many animals and birds anymore.
Without this, the world becomes very poor.
We must learn about them so that we can help them live.

‘Save the Earth’

Western Dance Club
Dance the most beautiful of all arts – it is no mere translation of abstraction from Life – it is LIFE itself!

The Western Dance Club aims

To understand this basic concept and to find joy in every step of movement, to learn the way of stage presentation, have a good costume sense, develop a healthy competitive spirit, concentration, memory, co-ordination in group performances, to become brilliant in Rhythm and Timing Sense !

Tamil Literary Association

  1. To Learn and appreciate the salient features of Tamil Literature.
  2. To develop creative skills like Writing poetry, Essay, Speech and Monoacting.
  3. To develop Art of public speaking of Personality development.
  4. To create self-confidence.

Creative Club
Our motto is to bring the hidden talents from the children.
Creativity is in everybody’s mind, which impress by motivating and practicing to make the varieties of work like paintings (glass, fabric, pot, water, plaster) Greeting cards, Rexin work, wall hangers, wealth from waste, etc.

Dramatic Club
Dramatic Club provides a splendid platform for the pupils to shed their inhibitions and ‘stand tall and deliver’ the ‘goods’ not only in the ‘present, but also in the future. Formed into groups and given specific topics by the facilitators, the pupils prepare the script, practice the actions and dialogues and stage their plays every Wednesday. Come the Wednesdays, pupils exhibit their rare talents and their oratorical and dramatic skills. Miming, Mono-acting, Dumb Charades, Role-play, Play-acting and the like are performed by the pupil artists. Rare talents, child prodigies are spotted and they are recognized and given chances to perform in various programmes. Thus Dramatic Club hones the dramatic and aesthetic skills of the pupils.

Indoor Games
Students are encouraged to play games like chess, Ludo, Chinesechakar, Wordbuilding, business etc. Basic rules and regulations are taught and more importance is given to chess, since there is an interschool tournament in chess.

Table Tennis Club
We represent our school in all Reputed and Registered tournament. CDTA tournament CDMSHSSA tournament in zonal, Interzonal, District, Divisional and State levels.

Maths Club
The club was started to create interest to the children towards learning mathematics.

Solving puzzles in Numbers, Quiz in Maths, Su-Do-Ku, Numerical Ability were the tasks given to the students.Test of Reasoning, Number grid, Multiplication ( Easy method) was also taught to the students.

Music Club
The following songs were taught for the students.
Pride to be here…..
Vandhey Maatharam….
Onru Seyruvom….
Work while you….