Physics Lab

It is spacious and can accommodate 40 students at a time. There are seven working tables for students and each table can accommodate six individual experiments. Each table is provided with 6 electrical plug points and supported by generator in case of power failure. In the laboratory we have equipment worth two lakhs. In built shelves are provided for storing laboratory equipments.

Chemistry Lab

In this age of knowledge, a person who is indifferent to science and lacks a scientific temper will be left for behind in the race.   Being “scientific” involves being curious, observing and experimenting.  A casual attitude towards science without a practical exposure is like a person without soul.
Our laboratories are the workshops that kindle scientific temper.  They help to strengthen the foundation of basic principles for the greater pursuits of science awareness ahead.
An ounce of application is worth a ton of theory“. Our Chemistry lab acquaints student with simple experiments, usage of acids and bases, preparation of chemicals etc. It is the place of transformation of

  • Complex to simple
  • Perception to conception
  • Illusion to enlightment
  • Ambiguity to clarity

Biology Lab

The well equipped BIOLOGY lab with considerable no.of microscopes, microslides, Botany & Zoology charts, models, specimens and an overhead projector enable students to do their practical work with interest and at ease.  Students from classes IX to XII find it very comfortable to sit in the spacious & neatly maintained lab to do their observation and record work.  They are divided into batches to facilitate completion of their record work in the lab itself.

          Added in the curriculum for practical observation for classes VI to VIII for which 5 marks are allotted in the Terminal examinations.  This incentive makes the students of classes VI to VIII to do the practical work with added interest.

Computer Lab

It is well equipped Air condition facility with latest systems.     We have all the peripherals Scanner, DVD writer, LCD to enable the students to do their practical work with interest and ease.  Students from classes LKG to XII find it very comfortable to sit in the spacious and neatly maintained lab to do their practicals.  Students are divided into batches to complete the year practicals within the stipulated time.

Play Field & Primary Lab

The management had gifted to our kinder garden children a new ultra-modern play field with all play items. As it is fully enclosed, the students are safe and secured.

Atal Tinkering Lab

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This library has a total volume of 17000 books and 48 magazines to cater to the needs of the students and staff.  This library follows an open access system and books can be borrowed according to the schedule however any class can borrow after 3.50 P.M. till 5.15 P.M.
Apart from the regular services, this library extends the following service not only to quench the thirst of the budding readers but also to develop the various hidden talents of the voracious readers.

To enable the budding readers to develop reading habit, famous stories are asked to read in the class and explained to them to understand the story and learn the story.  The voracious readers are identified and given extra books for reading according to the standard of the student.

            A mike is provided in the library to enable the students to tell the story they have read and thus the stage fear is overcome and training in public speaking is given, right from the third standard.

            This encourages the budding readers of IV & V Std. to exhibit their art of story writing and encouraging the habit of reading variety of books and giving a platform to exhibit their writing skills.  Who knows, Arundathi Roy,  Arvinda Adiga, Anita Desai may blossom from this library.

            To encourage the students in General Knowledge, a question is written in the notice board of the library.   The students who answer will get the toffee and the name of the student will be displayed to encourage other students to participate and thus the students are tempted to read and increase their general knowledge. The demand for general knowledge books are also created.

            To clear the doubts of students, a brain box is kept in the library where the students can drop their doubts and the best questions are displayed in the notice board along with the details of the students to encourage the other students.  Thus retrieval of information is done and the answers are found by the students by visiting the library and thus the particular set of students are trained how to find the particular answers.  This provides the opportunity to the students to make the optimum use of the library.

            To indulge the students in the habit of reading general knowledge, quiz cards are available in the library to stimulate the students in the art of cultivating the habit of reading general knowledge.  There are about 5000 questions are available.

            Every month a KG test is planned for the students in two categories one for the Junior category and the other for the senior category.  Prizes are distributed to encourage the students to take part actively.

            A book review competition is organized for the voracious readers of our school to bring out the hidden talents and to stimulate the reading habits of various authors.  This is a monthly programme and different authors are chosen to include all categories of the students.

            To train the students to find meaning from the dictionary, worksheets and dictionaries are available in the library to ease them to acquire the art of finding the meaning of a word from the dictionary.

            To inculcate the newspaper reading habit among the students right from third standard onwards individual newspapers are given. To check, motivate and appreciate the students, quizzes are conducted on the spot and prizes are given to the students.
            The young world of the The Hindu’s supplement is given to the students. Students are asked to read the quizzes, stories and thereby encourage them to read regularly.  For the higher classes questions are asked from the newspaper.

            To encourage and to motivate the students in reading, during the library hours in each class, best readers are selected and their names and photos are displayed to attract other students in the habit of reading.  Exclusively for this purpose an audio system is available in the library.

            24 hours unlimited BROADBAND connection is available in the library for the use of the students and staff and the same can be used for enriching their knowledge.

            This library also has 900 reference books and encyclopedias for the students to clarify their subject doubts and to complete their project and aural oral examinations.

            In the evening hours, a G.K session is conducted in the library where the quiz card are distributed among the students and preparation for outside quiz competition is given.

All these types of services rendered will nourish the minds of the young ones to utilize their leisure time in a useful way.



The school runs a book shop which functions from 8.40am to 9.00am, 11.00am to 11.10am,  12.10 PM to 12.55 PM, 2.50pm. to 3.00pm. and 3.50pm till 4.30pm.  Text books, Note books and other stationery items are available at reasonable prices.

Play Field

  1. Basketball Court
  2. Football ground
  3. Ball badminton
  4. Kho – Kho
  5. Indoor Shuttle cork
  6. Indoor Table tennis.
  7. Cricket Pitch with Net
  8. Tennis Court


Two courts for shuttle cork and Table tennis are functioning in the school premises and effective coaching is given to the promising young players to excel in State and National Level Tournaments

Effective coaching is given in all the fields for promising young players to excel in State and National Level Tournaments.


We have a large auditorium with Seating capacity of around 3000 people. It is equipped with Modern Music, Audio System and Special Acoustically perfect. All the Cultural Programs and Various Activities are Staged in Auditorium.


SBOA School goes Hi-tech:  In tune with the latest development in educational technology our school has installed smart board in all 85 class rooms. Every class room is fitted with wall mounted projector, permanent white board and Computer to run the same. All teachers were trained to operate the same. Our school have tie up with Hindustan Computer Limited (HCL) to run this system.
Now children of all classes find it interesting and easy to learn. The audio – visual effect is supplementing the work of the teachers to a great extent. Children of kinder garden are attracted with the animations and are able to learn the poems very easily.