S.B.O.A Matriculation and Hr. Sec. School, started in the Year 1985 has been transforming students as Doctors, Engineers, Industrial giants, Business Icons, Pilots and as Supremes in Information Technology and many other professionals in various levels.

The Time wheel of an school starting from 1985 to till date, various achievements and developments in the School history, the Office Administration has a deep roots dig in its victorious moments.

Being the backbone to various academic and sports activities the timely work of the office has made enormous victories to this great institution. Initially, the school office, started with a single clerk, 450 Students and twenty Teaching Staffs.

The Present office scenario has completed changed. With the massive growth in the Student ratio, the office has also merged to advance with good office automation.

The Office team with comprising with eight office Staff Members, Well qualified and well trained in computer and networking who are the pillars behind smooth and successful operation of the Administration.

The Office automation helps the school for a smooth functioning and achieving its goals in academics, cultural and sports.

Success of any institution lies in its Administration. Adolf Hitler, the Dictator of Germany quotes, that he owes his success to his own Administration people. As face is the index of the mind like wise Office is the index of any Institution. Our Motto being SERVICE WITH A SMILE and hence we the office and Administration staff strive the level best to serve the parents and students in all process of Administration.